Working while studying in Frankfurt

Working while studying in Frankfurt

It is a difficult balance to reach when you are in higher education and yet still trying to make the money to afford necessary expenses, as well as have money left over for you to spend on fun items or activities. There are ways to be able to reach a balance between work, education, and leisure so that you have an appropriate amount of time for each.

The first things that you will have to do are take some time and weigh out your priorities and rank them from most important to least important. It is recommended that you limit the list to about three to five most important aspects of your life in Frankfurt. Then once you have organized this list of three to five absolutely must have elements to your life in Frankfurt, then you can move on to a list of ‘wants’ for your life in Frankfurt. Make a list of ten or so things that you would like to do. They can vary from things that you want to engage in regularly to things that are once in a lifetime fun events. Once you have these two lists detailed and ranked then you will have a better understanding of the amount of time that you will have to dedicate to working for income in order to make the most out of your Frankfurt studying experience.

A big part of finding a balance between work, studying, and fun is to rank out the most important things that you will need money for. This is a great exercise to work through in order to motivate yourself to stay on task, organized, and responsible with your finances while you are away. Some of the things that should be included in your ‘must haves’ list will be costly items like rent, utilities, transportation, food, and daily items like shampoo, medicines, toothpaste, etc. These items are pretty much non-negotiable and will have to be accounted for on a regular basis. This is the ‘must haves’ list because it is the bare minimum amount of money that you will have to account for on a monthly basis in order to function in Frankfurt. Anything above and beyond this list is flexible and can be moved around as you see fit.

The second list of items that you want to happen is not necessities. This is the list that you will work toward accommodating throughout your experience in Frankfurt. There are certainly tons of free and inexpensive things that you can do regularly without hindering your budget; however, it is important to have goals and this second list will help you to have goals to meet throughout your stay.

Once you weight out the importance of the different elements of your stay in Frankfurt, you will be able to wrap your head around how much studying and how much working you will need to balance on a daily or weekly basis. This is a great way to get yourself organized enough to really optimize the use of your time while you are in Frankfurt. By setting a specific schedule for yourself while you are studying in Frankfurt you will enable yourself to make the money necessary to have a great time, while still staying focused enough to excel with your university work as well. If you can master this exercise, then you are truly preparing yourself for the real world.

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