Universities in Frankfurt

Universities in Frankfurt

Panorama of the Poelzig Building in Frankfurt/M.

Frankfurt is not only city scrapers and currency flow: It’s also an educational metropolis presenting countless opportunities and genuine prosperity for those in search of a successful carrier and more than a good life.

Nation wise, every road lead to Frankfurt. Internationally, Frankfurt Airport Lufthansa ranks amidst the busiest in the world receiving new passengers every second, passengers that once they’ve stepped foot in this city immediately become potential future citizens after falling in love with its vibe. No wonder that every third person in this metropolis speaks a different language and holds no German passport.

The city has it all, the tall mind-blowing sky scrapers, the posh and contemporary restaurants and the most successful bankers and money makers. Yet, this lies only on the surface. Frankfurt tends to be the busiest city in Germany leading this quiet and settled lifestyle, no panic or mass hysteria. Frankfurters seem to mind their own business. To top it, the city is home to the Main River of the Main region and also it displays quite some hectares of greenery and forestry.

Since you’re in skyscraper-town, it goes without saying that you mustn’t miss the view. The best and only way to that is through the restaurant in the 53d floor of the Main Tower in the restaurant called Manhattan on the Main. Despite all the sushi bars and exotic restaurants, don’t forget to try some of the local culinary specialties like ‘Handkäs mit Musik’. This spicy (yet delicious) dish is made from a special sour-tasting cheese combined with onions and caraway seeds. And if you like to be authentic all the way, wash it down with some apple wine. But be careful – this local cider is deceptively potent.

Frankfurt is Germany’s jazz capital, largely thanks to the bar named Der Jazzkeller. Established in the 50s the bar hosted jazz legends and other big-timers like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. The city of Frankfurt has also the Eintracht one loathsome soccer team the Frankfurters fancy. The Eintracht club, the Frankfurters pride and joy – although maddeningly erratic does play in Germany’s top division, the Bundesliga which is always a plausible attraction.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Internationally recognized as the 20 century cradle of the Humanities, particularly regarding Philosophy and Social thought, Frankfurt University has a bright legacy of names that made history as Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno and Jürgen Habermas. The University has nowadays a leading role in research internationally luring students in studying different fields among which, law, history, economics, finance, life sciences, drug research and so on.


Established in the XVIII century by the Frankfurt merchant Johann Friedrich Staedel, this Art academy has been operating under an international vibe. Apart from being the biggest Art Institute in the region and a school for creative and spiritual artists, the facility also includes the venue for the Portikus exhibition as well as the museum.

University of Applied Sciences

Except for offering excellent classes on various subjects, particularly the golden three subjects architecture, engineering, and social work and a great opportunity to higher education emphasizing practice over theory, the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) collaborates with numerous companies in providing them with young professionals and experts, offering job opportunities for their students immediately after being done with the studies.

University of Music and Performing Arts

The University of Music and Performing Arts is an institution of a kind. Students focus on music, theater and dance. The university profits from and cooperates with a large number of theaters, opera houses and museums in the Frankfurt area.

Monthly living expenses for a student in Frankfurt typically cycles around 600-700 euros yet it definitely depends on the lifestyle one is used to run. The aforementioned sum goes for student accommodation,   German health insurance, daily food expenses and other. However, students who chose to live in a private apartment; due to lack of space in University residencies may see their expenses exceeding this amount by up to 1000 Euros and maybe more.

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