Living in Frankfurt

Living in Frankfurt

Life in Frankfurt, as in any large city, can be very exciting and fast paced. However, much like many other major location, you have the power to make valuable choices to sculpt and craft the feel of your experience in Frankfurt. You can make the whole experience as vivid and full of travel or sightseeing as you want to, while meeting a good number of new friends and acquaintances. However, you can also take peaceful strolls down the beautiful streets of Frankfurt alone and get a totally different, and more laid back experience out of your time spent studying in the city. Furthermore, you can opt in to a combination of the two if you so desire.

Some of the most notable elements to living in Frankfurt include the routes that you can cycle on, the gardens that you can relax in, the myriad restaurants to choose from, and the museums that you can visit.

In Frankfurt, there are a lot of beautiful sights that you absolutely should take the time to visit and take in while you are studying there. Some people choose to rent a car and drive all around the beautiful area. However, Frankfurt is a very walkable town. You can take a slow paced stroll around town, or you can choose to cycle throughout some of the various routes that are set aside on the Main River. You can cycle all around Frankfurt along the Main River and see some of the sights you would miss if you were zooming past in a vehicle. You can easily spend hours out of your day cycling in and around the Frankfurt area if you so choose to explore in this manner.

There are many various sights of beauty that you can behold in the Frankfurt area. However, there are also isolated areas that have confined a vast majority of the beautiful vegetation offerings that the world has to offer in one area. This is what you can find at the gorgeous gardens of Frankfurt. You can grab a cup of coffee, or tea, which ever you prefer, and head over to a relaxing afternoon in one of the gardens. The greatest botanical garden of the area is known as the Palmengarten in Frankfurt. This is the most enjoyable to visit during the months in the spring and summer. You can even rent a boat and row around the area observing the beautiful sights and taking it all in. This is a unique way to spend an afternoon to break up the traditional circuit of bars and restaurants.

Like any other major city, there are a number of different bars and restaurants that you can frequent if you are living in Frankfurt. Some of the best restaurants are really diverse and offer a unique combination of different flavours to the Frankfurt experience. The absolute best place that you can visit for brunch in all of Frankfurt is Ginkgo. You can order anything from eggs, to sandwiches, or pancakes. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoor seating area while sipping on a delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. One of the best nightlife venues is the Gibson club. The Gibson Club is a great place for you to take your friends, or go and meet new people while you listen to some really talented people rock out with live music. You can listen to the amazing live music during the week, and then visit it on the weekend for an exciting nightclub feel.

If you are more in the mood to continue expanding your knowledge while you are studying in Frankfurt, you can choose to visit the museum and learn a little bit more about the history. Furthermore, you can check out some of the beautiful works of art that are on hand in the museum. The museum of choice to visit while living in Frankfurt is the Staedel Museum, it is one of Germany’s most well-known museums that is located right in the heart of the city. Here you will find an array of classic and modern art that you can peruse during your stay. In 2012, this museum constructed an impressive underground area that you cannot see from outside the museum; however, when you walk through the underground section you can view some of the finest contemporary artwork.

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