About Frankfurt

About Frankfurt

About Frankfurt

The German city of Frankfurt-am-Main (to give it its full name) must easily rank as one of the most cosmopolitan conurbations in the whole country. Frankfurt has a population of just over 700,000 inhabitants and this is the largest city in the state of Hesse. The second most significant financial center in Europe (after London), home to both the European Central Bank and the German Stock Exchange, and a thriving base for a whole plethora of other industries means that you really would need to travel a long way to find a better city in which to undertake your studies, than Frankfurt.

In many ways, Frankfurt could easily be mistaken for the capital city of Germany: its skyline would certainly give you this impression, what with the numerous eye-catching skyscrapers all competing for space within the area. Also, this is where the transportation infrastructure of the country tends to meet: with the main autobahn network seemingly being centered here and the busiest and largest airport in the country on the outskirts of Frankfurt. This would always mean that if you choose to study in Frankfurt, you will be doing so in the German city that is probably the easiest to get to from all other parts of the world.

Escaping the everyday hustle and bustle of the city is never too much of a problem in Frankfurt and recommended distractions to get away from it all include a leisurely and tranquil cruise along the River Main; or a relaxing stroll through one of the city’s main parks and public green areas. This is especially popular with students during term time and is the perfect place to escape to when you need to gather your thoughts or revise for an important forthcoming exam.

Culturally, there are plenty of other attractions to enjoy during your time away from studies. This includes a good number of theaters, museums and art galleries in the city; a fantastic central shopping district; and a great nightlife scene, with umpteen bars, cafés, bistros and restaurants. Therefore, you will have a significant number of meeting venues for you to socialize in with your friends. You can have your perfect night with friends and either relax over a cup of coffee, or dance the night away. Whatever the mood is for that night, you can certainly satisfy with the variety of offerings in Frankfurt.

As far as the educational institutions of Frankfurt are concerned, the Goethe University of Frankfurt is probably the most famous and has earned an enviably high standing in terms of ranking and the attainment of results. Other higher education institutions in the city include the University of Applied Science and the University of Music and Performing Arts.

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