Study Abroad in Frankfurt

  • Why to Study in Frankfurt

    Why to Study in Frankfurt

    Reasons to start studying in Frankfurt

  • About Frankfurt

    About Frankfurt

    Frankfut am Main, the largest city in the German state of Hesse is also the the German financial superpower.

  • What to do in Frankfurt

    What to do in Frankfurt

    Regarding to its cosmopolitan structure, selection of cultural institutions and the vivid daily attractions Frankfurt .

  • Housing and Accommodation in Frankfurt

    Housing and Accommodation in Frankfurt

    Frankfurt offers various accommodation alternatives according to your standards and the depth of your pockets.

  • Learning German in Frankfurt

    Learning German in Frankfurt

    All you need to know about Learning German in Frankfurt

Why Study in Frankfurt?

Some of the most important benefits that come with studying in Frankfurt include getting to experience the beautiful landscape and scenery, studying with some of the most experienced professors in the world, and having the opportunity to meet new and intriguing people through the many interesting sites to see and events to experience.

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Studying in Frankfurt aims to provide all the significant information regarding higher education in this prospective city. Within each year students from all around the world embark in the city streets, looking for a place to stay, affordable places to feed and interesting places to hang out and meet new people. We have made it our job to keep these freshmen updated with everything there is to know about Frankfurt, starting with the essentials and moving on to thrilling curiosities. Frankfurt is a wide and complex city therefore If we miss a spot you are welcome to contribute in this cause.

Working while studying in Frankfurt, Germany

It is a difficult balance to reach when you are in higher education and yet still trying to make the money to afford necessary expenses, as well as have money left over for you to spend on fun items or activities. There are ways to be able to reach a balance between work, education, and leisure so that you have an appropriate amount of time for each.

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About us

The Frankfurt Study Guide has been written by 6 students from different countries, who have finished their studies in five different cities in Germany.

With this study guide we wanted to help other students from all over the world to make an easy decision before they decide to continue their studies in Germany.

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